Doctor Germain Jean-Charles: Pt 1. The Mission Behind The Man

No matter what someone does in this world, they are not remembered for their words or accomplishments, but by their impact in the hearts of others.


This is true for everyone but seldom is it more important than with someone like Dr. Charles Germain, who through the mastery of his craft and his compassionate approach to patient-centered dentistry, has quickly established himself as a forerunner in dental implant innovation.


Join us as we show you the man behind New York Dental Implants and the principles that have served him in his continuing service to others.


1 – Education is the gateway to opportunity:


 “When you have an education, you have a path to success.”


Ever since he was young. Germain’s parents always instilled in him the power of education. When other kids would get gifts for Christmas, he would get books. His education prepared him to take advantage of the opportunity to move from Haiti to the United States. 


Through a combination of intensive professional development and an unwavering commitment to patient care, Germain soon cemented his reputation as a master of his craft in academia & later in private practice.


2 – Always stand behind your work:

 “I’ll never overpromise, but I’ll always overdeliver.”


One of the things that has defined Dr. Germain’s career from the beginning is his mantra of “always giving a little bit more than the unexpected”. In this way, he’s been able to not only help patients feel comforted through his expertise but provide them with a caliber of service that is unrivaled.


This is reflected in how he gives each patient his individual attention, focusing solely on meeting their needs and exceeding their expectations. This helps him guarantee his work with a 5-year dental implant warranty.


3 – Don’t just hear concerns:



“If a patient has a concern, I won’t just listen to it, I’ll fix it.”


This principle of outstanding service extends beyond the quality of service during procedures, but in helping patients feel fully calm, comfortable, and confident in what they are having done and why.


This means that if a patient has a concern or worry prior to, during, or following the work, everything possible will be done to ensure that their needs are met. In some cases, this means personalizing services and packages to always keep what’s best for the individual front and center above all else.


4 – There is no secret — success is shared:



I tend to get the credit, but I always share it with my team.”


Another core facet of Dr. Charle’s personality that his patients remark about is his humility. He is undoubtedly an expert at what he does, but still retains the belief that without his team of talented experts around him, his practice and the experience his patients have while they go there wouldn’t be the same.


This “us” focused, mission-driven style of leadership on the part of Dr. Charles helps create a culture of committed and passionate professionals who are all driven by a vision bigger and more beautiful than themselves.

5 – Patients shouldn’t just be treated, they should be transformed:


“To feel that we’ve touched a patient and put them in a better place is what matters most.”


If there is one thing that guides everything that Dr. Germain and his team do, it is their relentless pursuit of transformative results.


Whether you hear it echoed in the testimonials of their patients or experience it for yourself during a consultation or a visit, the word they use most often to describe how they feel about Dr. Germain and his team is “family”.


That’s because, at the end of it all, they don’t just aim to fix smiles, but strive to make a lasting transformation in every patient’s life.


So if you’re longing to fall back in love with your smile and are ready to experience the work Germain and his team are doing for yourself then…

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