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Learn About Josephine's Story

” My teeth were not good. They were really bad. And I’ve kept prolonging it, prolonging it. Never really smiled. I was always self-conscious. I didn’t want to go anywhere because I didn’t feel comfortable talking to people. My teeth were so bad. So my husband said, “We’ve got to go see somebody.”


“Dr. Charles, he explains everything. He makes you feel comfortable. When you walk through the doors, like family, my second family, all of them. All of them. And he calls me to find out how my teeth went and calls me.” 

“I would do this routine all over again because that’s how nice they really are. Nice people. It is life changing. And if anybody had the same issues that I did with my teeth, had bad issues, this is the place to come. Really. They work with you. They’re nice, everybody, the staff and Dr. Charles. And you’re going to walk out of here, when everything is done, a very happy human being. Really.”

“Because I know I am. I never thought I would look like this. It was painful. My teeth were always hurting. I spent so much money in fixing one, in fixing the other. And then, like I said, my husband said, “This has got to stop.” And then we came here, and it stopped. I recommend this place to anyone. They’re great people to work with. Thank you. Thank you.”

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