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Can You Put A Price On The Priceless?

Many factors figure into the cost of your dental implants. Procedures of this kind generally require IV sedation due to the surgery involved. In addition, there are sometimes other procedures that need to be done before you can have dental implants placed. Each of these services is a part of your final cost.


But there are other factors that are difficult to put a price tag on. Dr. Germain Jean-Charles is extensively experienced in placing dental implants and use advanced technology —including guided implant surgery —to provide, NY-area patients with exceptional results. And there are so many other benefits that add to the value of dental implants!

What Influences The Cost of Dental Implants?

Everyone is a potential candidate for dental implants, but that doesn’t mean that some are better suited for the procedure than others. Here are the qualities of an ideal implant candidate: 


  • Has good dental and oral health (especially gum health)
  • Has adequate jawbone mass (as implants go into the jawbone) 
  • Is a non-smoker (as smoking can promote boss loss around the implant site)
  • Doesn’t grind teeth (as this habit can damage implants over time 


Don’t worry if you don’t match these above points. With the advances in implant technology, you’ll be likely to get an implant if it is something that makes sense between you and your dentist. 

Why Dental Implants Are Worth It


  •  Restore your ability to eat, drink, speak, and smile comfortably
  •  Indistinguishable from natural, healthy teeth
  •  Give you tremendous confidence
  •  Prevent further tooth and bone loss
  •  Permanent with proper care

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