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“About 13, 14 years ago, I quit using drugs after being addicted for quite a while. And my oral health had deteriorated pretty bad. And it took me quite a few years to get to the point where I was ready to get any work done. My employers were getting very concerned, my customers were because I was having infections and my face was blowing up.”


 “So, my case in particular was very severe. I needed a lot of bone grafting. I have been very hard to treat as far as my diagnosis goes, and Dr. Charles took that on and he did his best work. And I know nobody else could have done it better.”

“Dr. Charles went way beyond the extra mile to help me. In fact, after being laid off for COVID-19 and being home, I got a phone call from him saying that he’d like to try to help me because my case was one of the cases that could be seen at the time with the restrictions.”



“It was that severe. He did things that I never expected any dentist to do. I had worries along the way as everybody does. To live pain-free means to live without that fear of “What if I get that pain again and what if I relapse?”

“My sobriety is everything to me, and I saw a side of myself under anesthesia that I didn’t like. And I know I had no choice. But, these guys were right here for me every minute of the way. And the forgiveness that I have gotten from the staff, and Dr. Charles especially, that’s something that I prayed for every night. “



“Since my last three surgeries, the team has become more family than anything. And Dr. Charles in particular has reached out his heart to me. And I would send my family, friends, coworkers, anybody here.


 I can call him a friend. He is my surgeon and my dentist, but he is a very good guy. And I want everybody to know that this place will take good care of you no matter what your history is.”

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