Rochester Dentist’s Peculiar “Apple Crunch Test” Saves Smiles & Changes Lives

“Dr. Charles went way above and beyond to help me. The team has become more family than anything. I want everyone to know that this place will take good care of you no matter what your history is” – Mark Y.

If your dentist pulled out an apple at the end of a procedure, you might be a little confused.


But at our Rochester New York office, we can promise you that the best part has nothing to do with the apples themselves, but everything to do with our patients when they take a bite…


We call it the “Apple Crunch Test”, and the concept is simple, but significant. 

We give each full-arch implant patient an apple to bite into as proof that they can finally enjoy their favorite foods free from pain. 


Why do we do it?


“I want my patients to be 100% confident in their smile”, said Dr. Charles when talking about his  motivation for what has become a bit of a tradition. And what better way to help a patient feel confident in their new smile than to prove its effectiveness in real time? 


Do your patients believe they can do it?


“When patients first come to me, they say, ‘I can’t dare bite into an apple’. And I simply reply with ‘If that’s the case, we’re going to do it today’.”


Many patients are hesitant because they’ve forgotten what it was like to chew without pain or to be able to enjoy their favorite foods, so to be able to take that one bite changes everything.

How do the patients react to the Apple Crunch test?

“To realize they have it back… we cannot not cry my friend”, recounted Dr. Charles. 


Afterall, it’s about much more than the apple itself…


“Now the patients know, they don’t have to think about what to eat. They don’t have to be afraid anymore”, concluded Dr. Charles. 


For the patients at New York Dental Implants, that small bite is the first of many—and a sign that their pain-free future was finally made real beyond any doubt they once had.


Ready to take a bite out of life and get the teeth you’ve always dreamed of?


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