The Cost Of Not Getting Full-Arch Implants

When you think about the cost of full-arch implants, you’re likely thinking in terms of dollars and cents, but what about the very real price of not getting them?

Do you relate to any of these?…


You’re living in discomfort: 


It seems like forever since you’ve been able to indulge in and enjoy the foods you truly love—steak, corn-on-the-cob, apples, popcorn, and salted caramel just to name a few. Pain and tenderness have long since replaced the place your favourite flavours resided. Now it’s hard to go out, difficult even to watch your loved ones eat without limitations, knowing that as long as things continue this way that you’ll never enjoy your favourite meals the way you used to.

You’re tired of getting costly replacements: 


If you have dentures, bridges, or other solutions, this might sting a bit. You see, these are like temporary band aids to the problem of your missing teeth that merely cover up the problem rather than offering a permanent solution. If you haven’t experienced it already, dentures and bridges often fail, leaving you to pay for costly replacements or transition to full-arch implants anyway. Over time, this is costing you thousands of dollars for solutions that hold you back more than set you free.

You’ve lost your confidence: 


Alongside natural teeth, full-arch implants are the only tooth replacement solution that prevents the erosion of your jawbone, which happens when natural teeth are not present. This means that over time, your jawbone is slowly eroding away, which will not only warp how you look, but how you see yourself and how others see you.


If you’re struggling with your confidence, be it going out with for an evening with friends or simply showing off your pearly whites, the effect of untreated smiles can be drastic.

You simply feel trapped by your smile: 


When you really think about it, your teeth are not just made for chewing—they are made to give you the freedom to eat, speak, and experience your life with comfort and confidence. If your teeth are causing you shame, then it’s time to change things.


It all starts with a choice—to open yourself up to the potential for full-arch implants to transform your life forever. Just imagine never having to say no to that food, that trip with friends, or to the person staring you back in the mirror when you silently ask, “do I love the way I feel today?” Full-arch implants do more than restore your ability to eat, communicate, and live with more confidence. They help you boldly and proudly say yes to everything your old smile had taken away. 

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