Don’t Get Full-Arch Implants Without Asking This!

Making the right choice for who to go to for your full-arch implant doesn’t have to be stressful! 


Here are the top five questions that you need to ask your prospective implant specialist to know that you’re in good hands:


Question 1: Is my dentist specifically trained in performing dental implants?


Why Ask It?: The first thing to look for in the dentist performing your implant surgery is that they are a board-certified dentist. While all dentists can perform implant surgeries, you want to get a clear picture of the amount of knowledge they have around full-arch implants to feel secure in your decision to move forward with the procedure. 


What You Should Look For: We advise you to look for a dental implant specialist, who has been specifically trained to handle complex implant procedures. As an example, both Dr. Charles and Dr. Kashi at New York Dental Implants are graduates of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID), Associate Fellows of the AAID, as well as members of other top implant dentistry organizations in the country.


Question 2: How many successful implants has my dentist performed? 


Why Ask It?: This is important to ask because while education is great, I doubt you’d want to be the first patient your dentist has ever worked on! Therefore, it’s important to know that they have successfully helped people just like you transform their smiles and their lives with full-arch implants.


What You Should Look For: You should look for an implant specialist with a track record of successfully performing full-arch implant procedures. One thing that is great to do if you’re able is to ask if they have experience with bone grafting or handling complications that may arise in the procedure process.


Question 3: Does the practice has the latest equipment for the procedure?


Why Ask It?: While having the fanciest technology doesn’t have to be a dealbreaker, you should make sure that your implant specialist stays current with the best practices in their field, especially due to how critical it is to have precision tools for implants. Having cutting-edge technology on your side can make your procedure quicker, safer, and more enjoyable.


What You Should Look For: You should look for practices that have the latest IV sedation methods and computer-guided implant placement systems such as the CHROME GuidedSMILE™️ System. When used by a skilled practitioner, this advanced technology can result in a safer procedure and a more successful outcome for you and your future smile.


Question 4: What will the consultation entail?


Why Ask It?: This is a good question to ask as it will allow you to get an idea of what you can expect. It will also ensure that all medical tests or important information will be gathered prior to the procedure, giving you peace of mind.  


What You Should Look For: Your consultation should consist of a few primary parts. First, there will be a comprehensive examination of your oral health, followed by a series of questions about your medical history. It is also great to discuss your goals and address any apprehensions you have during your consultation. At New York Dental Implants, we also use Digital Smile Design so that you can digitally see the result of your procedure in your mouth before it is performed. All of these steps will help both you and your doctor be confident that a full-arch implant is right for you.


Question 5: Do you have testimonials of clients or past implant patients you could refer me to? 


Why Ask It?: Asking for testimonials of clients will help you be more secure and confident in choosing the perfect dental implant specialist for you. An additional benefit of this is that reading about the stories and experiences of others who have gotten full-arch impacts will allow you to visualize yourself with those same results and put into perspective just how transformative full-arch implants can be.


What You Should Look For: It goes without saying that you should read as many testimonials as possible and look for the upsides and downsides that other people had with the doctor you’re considering. If possible, look for video testimonials that capture the entire story of the patient from beginning to end—not just the excitement at the end. You can also ask about personally reaching out to past clients about their experiences so you can make the most informed decision possible and hear it directly from them and how their implants are holding up over time.


In Conclusion: 


These five questions are powerful in giving you more clarity and insight into making the best choice for you and your future smile. With these questions in mind, you’ll be able to find educated, experienced, and empathetic impact experts who’ll help you get the smile you’ve always dreamed of.


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