Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Who would like to have misaligned or discoloured teeth? 

In order to address this problem a particular dental practitioner should be consulted. Today, cosmetic dentistry is a popular practice, many doctors around the world take part in. Cosmetic dentistry is technically not a particular branch or discipline of dentistry, rather a term associated with any intervention in the teeth or mouth for a person that is more concerned with enhanced appearance. Before, the main concern of dentistry is the removal of cavity-affected teeth and replacing it with artificial ones and other services such as aligning overlapping teeth, etc. In cosmetic dentistry, aside from this cardinal services, there are other typical procedures people seek out for their appearance. 

Cosmetic dentistry offers many other services aside from the conventional one offered in general dental clinics. Here are just a few of the services offered in many cosmetic dental clinics:

 1.) Whitening: Toothpastes are now created with a capacity to whiten teeth. However, oftentimes, these claims are simply do not materialize. The discoloration of the tooth is caused by many factors; most of the time it is associated with the food eaten by a person. At times it can be an effect of smoking or drinking too much acidic liquids. Procedures such as laser whitening is just one of the effective ways to restore the colour of the teeth.

 2.) Teeth reshaping/ Crown lengthening: This is a very common reconstruction. There are several tools that a dentist may use to do this procedure. Teeth reshaping allows for a dentist to shape one’s teeth to fix gaps, remove sharp edges, etc. Gum lengthening takes the appearance of “gummy smiles” away. 

3.) Veneers: Porcelain veneers are used to give the teeth a perfect appearance. This is done by applying a thin cap to the front of one’s tooth, to give the whitened, flawless look. Dental bridges, braces, and caps are a few more cosmetic procedures typically offered by dentists. If you are looking for a specific cosmetic dental procedure, contact your dentist today. If they do not complete the procedure you’re looking for, they should be able to provide you with a doctor who can.

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