How to Deal With Tooth Extractions

When you need a tooth removed, the safest way of going about it is seeing a dental professional to have your tooth extracted. When you are young, or truly any age, it can be daunting to hear you need to have a tooth pulled. There is nothing to worry about, however, because tooth extractions are a regular dental procedure doctors complete on a daily basis.

Because they are routine for a doctor, they will be quick to complete. While the procedure is regular, it most likely is not for the patient, so they will need to have guidance on how to properly care for the extraction site.


When you go through an extraction, you will be given an IV sedative, if the extraction is serious, such as wisdom teeth. For minor tooth extractions, a local anaesthetic will be on your tooth. After your extraction, your mouth will remain numb due to the anaesthetic. When your numbness dissolves, you should take your prescribed medication, so you don’t feel the pain. If you are not prescribed a specific medicine, ask your doctor what they would recommend easing your discomfort.


If you need any other guidance on proper care, your doctor will inform you of any other measures you should take after your tooth extraction. Complete healing depends on the patient, but typically takes a few days to weeks. During this time, you may experience swelling, so putting ice on the spot will help.


Tooth extractions may take place for many reasons, depending on the person. While they may be unavoidable, especially in the case of wisdom teeth, to protect yourself from needing an extraction, practice good oral health. Brushing your teeth and flossing on a routine basis will allow you to maintain a healthy mouth, and strong teeth and gums.


In the case it is inevitable, it is important to follow your doctor’s instructions, as they deal with tooth extraction cases repeatedly, and will know how to provide optimal direction.


Contact your dentist for a consultation if you believe you are experiencing any toothache pains that may result in an extraction.

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