Dentures Vs. Bridges Vs. Implants: The Smile Showdown

With many ways out there to restore your smile, it is important to understand what options you have and the benefits and drawbacks of each so you can make the most informed decision possible.

Here are three of the most common solutions and what you can expect with each:




Summary: Traditional dentures sit on top of your gums where the missing teeth were. They are inexpensive initially and are removable, but as you’ll see, they have quite a few major drawbacks. 



·        Low cost

·        Don’t require surgery

·        Improves the ability to speak

·        Aesthetically pleasing

·        Can be used even with damaged teeth or jaw



·        Can be uncomfortable

·        Affects the taste of food

·        Can shift & click in the mouth with everyday use

·        Can fall out

·        Only lasts 7-15 years

·        Are expensive to replace and require regular maintenance

·        The natural bone underneath is prone to deterioration over time




Summary: Bridges work by attaching to the remaining healthy teeth surrounding a gap to create a bridge across the area in your mouth. A cap is then placed over each tooth and is and along with the bridge, replace the missing teeth



·        Cost-effective 

·        Don’t require bone grafting

·        Quick treatment process


·        Place great strain on surrounding structures in the mouth

·        Rarely last a lifetime

·        Don’t address structural issues in the mouth


Full-Arch Implants:


Summary: Dental implants are an effective long-term solution for replacing missing teeth, with full-arch implants being the ideal solution for replacing full rows of teeth in the mouth. 


·        Cause little burden on the mouth 

·        Last a lifetime when properly cared for

·        Promotes healing in the mouth and reduces jaw issues over time

·        Function just like regular teeth

·        Can strengthen the jawbone

·        You can eat any food with confidence 


·        Can be quite costly

·        Take longer to put in place and heal


The Final Verdict:


In most cases, we recommend full-arch implants as a safe and reliable long-term solution for superior smile restoration.

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