Difference in your gumline?

Have you looked in the mirror as of late and seen a huge contrast in proportion with your gums and teeth? Assuming this is the case, you may be experiencing the ill effects of gum recession. This could be caused by several reasons. However, if you look a little bit further, past the surface level you might find that you could be suffering from early indications of gum disease. You’ll need to see a dental specialist as soon as possible to ensure your gum recession isn’t something that can transform into a major issue later in your life. Prior to your scheduled dental visit, how about we identify other indications of this oral illness and learn about the different medicines and procedures that can help negate the damaging effects of gum disease


Symptoms of Gum Tissue Disease


Other than the typical symptoms, there are different manifestations that may introduce themselves as:

– Pus between your teeth and gums

– Bleeding when flossing or brushing

– Soreness of the gums

– Constant awful breath

– Missing teeth / Loose teeth

– Gums pulling away from your teeth

If these types of symptoms sound familiar, then you should seriously consider scheduling an appointment with Dr. Jean-Charles. He happens to offer gum disease treatments to help hinder the development of this problematic oral issue.


Gum Disease Treatment Options


With advancements in technology within the dental field, there are numerous treatments that help with managing gum disease like:

·        Gingivectomy / gingival curettage

·        Pocket depth reduction / Flap surgery

·        Soft tissue grafts

·        Periodontal bone grafts

·        Guided Tissue Regeneration

·        Osseous surgery

·        Dental implants  



Set an Appointment Today


If you still unsure about your dental issues and you’re looking for more insight about gum disease and how to deal with it, contact our offices to schedule an appointment to speak with Dr. Jean-Charles.

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