The Importance of Good Oral Hygiene

It might seem like a slightly juvenile point to make, but it’s imperative to state it anyway. You should always brush and take care of your teeth.

Studies have shown that reminding yourself of that phrase periodically, increases your chances of scheduling regular visits with your local dental professional for basic cleanings and oral check-ups.


Things like following up with you periodontist so your case of gum disease doesn’t relapse should be monitory when caring for the wellbeing of your oral health but can be easily overlooked as an adult.


Daily Routines


When caring for your oral wellbeing and dental health there is routine task that you should be performing daily (and at times multiple times a day) such as:

·        Flossing

·        Using Mouthwash

·        and Brushing

·        Taking as much time as needed when performing these tasks is vital to the longevity and appearance of your smile.


Health Consequences of Poor Hygiene


Failure to properly conduct these dental fundamentals can lead to a variety of larger health concerns and complications like:

·        Tooth decay can also lead to fever and high blood pressure

·        The infections that decay teeth also incubate gum disease

·        Gum disease can cause heart complications and secondary infections

·        Bone loss in the jaw happens long-term, leading to tooth loss


Correctional Services


In the event, you feel like you might be suffering from or showing signs of gum disease you should seek treatment from a periodontist as soon as possible. The specialist will survey your condition and make recommendations on a corrective routine to get you back to square one. Following the outlined dental fundamentals will increase your chances of a speedy recovery and will hinder the progression of the infection.


If you are ready to get your oral health back on track, contact our office today to request an appointment. Our amazing and knowledgeable staff will be happy to help set you up with the first available time that fits your schedule, and they can also answer any questions you have about what to bring on your first visit.

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