6 Signs You Might Need Dental Implants

Nearly everyone loses a tooth at one time or another, whether it is due to decay, overcrowding, or injury. In these cases, dental implants are an effective and long-lasting way to maintain the form, feel, and functionality of natural teeth without having to worry about cavities ever again!


Here are six specific signs dental implants might be right for you:


1.      Missing Teeth: In the United States alone, more than 35 million adults are missing all their teeth and more than 178 million are missing at least one adult tooth. Missing teeth are the most common reason for implant surgeries. Full-arch implants are the ideal solution for restoring entire rows of teeth.


2.     Infected Teeth: A precursor to missing teeth is tooth decay and infection. High levels of sugar or acid present in your diet can cause the enamel of your teeth to erode over time, eventually leading to decay which can become irreversible if not treated quickly enough. In these cases, an implant can be a good way to restore the functionality of your missing teeth. 


3.     Deteriorating Jawbone: When adult teeth are removed and not replaced such as in the above cases, your jawbone can deteriorate over time. This is because the teeth provide stimulation to the jawbone that it needs to maintain proper bone density. If your jawbone is deteriorated, you may require bone grafting along with your full-arch implant procedure to regain the proper form of the jawbone. 


4.     Misfitting Dentures: If you regularly wear dentures but are troubled with dentures that often become loose or fall out, you may want to consider a full-arch implant. Unlike most dentures, full-arch implants are permanently fixed into the jawbone, meaning that you can go about your daily activities with more confidence and comfort than with your ill-fitting dentures. 


5.     Insecurity: Beyond a physical need for a better dental restoration solution, the peace of mind that full-arch implants can provide is nothing short of remarkable. Imagine how great it will feel to never have to hide your smile from the world again. Full-arch implants don’t simply restore your smile but can give you back your reason to smile. 


6.     Difficulty Chewing: If you’re having trouble chewing your favourite foods or have had to compromise your diet and cut out certain meals because of the state of your teeth, dental implants might be right for you. Full-arch implants will allow you to eat the foods you love (after they’re properly healed of course) so you never have to give up your favourite food for the lifetime of your implants. 


If you recognized that you fit into any of those cases, you should see if full-arch implants might 

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