Pain-Free Payments: How Flexible Dental Implant Financing Can Make Your Dream Smile A Reality

“I didn’t think I was gonna get any coverage. They did some insurance work and made it affordable for me. I am very thankful to Dr. Charles for doing all of this. My life is changed for the better.” -Melanie C.



When our patients first look into getting implants, one of the first concerns they have is the cost of the procedure. After all, the costs associated with dental reconstruction can be significant, and more often than not, most insurance companies will not cover full-mouth implants. 


Thankfully, with our variety of financing options, we are able to make the process of you getting your dream-come-true smile easier than ever.


Here are a few ways we help make the payment as painless as possible::

Flexible payments:

With our flexible financing, you’re in control of how you pay for your perfect smile. You can contribute as you’re able to the total cost of your dental implants, meaning less stress for you and more time to enjoy what really counts—your new pearly whites!


Interest-free for 12 months:

With interest-free financing for the first 12 months, you don’t have to worry about any additional costs, making your payments as dependable as your new implants will be. With zero-down dental implants, the dream of getting your smile that much easier


Tailored financing solutions:


Whether it’s with interest-free financing or a flexible dental implant payment plan, at the end of the day, we work with you to help you get your smile back, your confidence back, and your life back. When you speak with us, we’ll personally assess your needs and help you plan out your path to a perfect smile.

Ready to see why thousands turn to the world-class staff at New York Dental Implants to give them sensational smiles for life?                                                                                                                                            

Was It Worth The Investment For Malinda?

“Dr. Charles was willing to work with me. They have payment plans.


He knew that I was depressed. And he was like, Okay, we’re gonna fix this. We’re gonna make it so that you’re not insecure.”



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