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To Our Appreciated Patient, 


It is our desire to constantly improve services and quality of care for you so that you can regain and or maintain your dental health as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Our commitment is to make your experience in our office an exceptional one.  When we succeed, we would appreciate you telling your family and friends about our team and your great experience.  


Therefore, the following must be agreed upon: 

Insurance:  Treatment recommendations are based on your health not on your insurance or lack thereof. If you have insurance, it is your responsibility to be aware of what your benefits are. Remember insurance companies are not concerned about your health or wellbeing; WE ARE!  As a courtesy, we will provide you with an estimate of benefits; however, you are 100% financially responsible for any treatment performed. Your benefits are a contract between you and your insurance company.  As a reminder, we cannot be responsible for what your insurance will or will not cover.

Timeliness is required:  We will see you on time for your appointment and get you out on time unless there is an unforeseen emergency.  We request that you come on time for your visits.  If you are more than 15 minutes late, We will reschedule your appointment and a missed appointment fee 0f $100 will be charged to your account. 


Cleanliness and infection control are of the utmost importance.  We have the latest sterilization technology and disinfect each treatment room after every patient.  This is an important reason why we demand timeliness of you and ourselves.

If you miss an appointment, it is critical to your health to make it up, so as to avoid setbacks in the care and maintenance of your treatment. Failure to make an appointment not only compromises your health but it also inconveniences other patients who may have requested an office visit during your reserved appointment.  


If you cannot make an appointment (except in the case of an emergency) you are required to give us notice 48 business hours before the appointment, in order to reschedule.  There is a $100 fee for all no-show and canceled appointments without 48 business hour notice. This fee is not covered by insurance. Three consecutive missed appointment will result in dismissal from the practice.


Financing of Treatment(s): We strive to run an office that focuses on your care, not Banking or Accounting.  In order to achieve this, we require 50% of your total patient out of pocket investment to reserve any future appointment.  We have several financial options available for all of our patients.  Please speak with any of our Team members if you have any questions regarding financial options.

Emergencies:  It is our goal to eliminate all of the potential dental emergencies that you may have by providing care for you before it becomes a problem.  In the rare instance that you do have an emergency we want you to be assured that we will take care of you.  We define a true emergency as swelling, bleeding, severe pain that has kept you up at night or requires medication.  If you experience any of these conditions, we ask that you call or text us right away.  We will provide you with the next available emergency appointment.  We set aside time daily for emergencies.


Best Regards,

The New York Dental Implants Team

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