Here's What Our Patients Receive With Our Treatment

  1. Free Transportation: For those in need of transportation, your transportation to and from the office will be arranged for you on the day of surgery.
  2. Full Time Concierge Service: You will have a dedicated patient advocate personnel that guides you through the entire treatment experience and will be available for you WHENEVER needed. 
  3. Interpreters: For those who have English as their second language, we will hire an interpreter to ensure that you are taken care of and not having to get family members to take days off for your appointments.
  4. Smile In One Day: You will be able to see your smile transforming on the day of surgery.   
  5. Pay Once and Never Pay Again! Unlike other offices, you ONLY pay ONCE for your services.
  6. Celebration By End of Treatment: At the end of the treatment process, you will be invited to join us for a celebration.
  7. Complimentary IV Sedation: In order to enhance your experience, a complimentary pain-free conscious sedation is included with your treatment.
  8. Assist With Medication Delivery:We will also provide you assistance with medication delivery.
  9. 5-Years Warranty: To secure your investment and for peace mind, we extend a 5-year warranty with your treatment.
  10. Top Financing Options: We help every patient gain access to the best financial partners to help with their treatment options.

**Disclaimer** Please note that the timeline may differ, depending on the patient's oral condition.

A smile saved today could save a LIFE tomorrow


Malinda was on a search for a clinician that can offer her the dream smile that she has been looking for, for years. After many and many rejections and uncomfortable appointments, she finally learned about Dr. Charles and New York Dental Implants from a friend in the local area. 



Prior to coming to Dr. Charles she was depressed and unsure how and who is going to help her fix her smile. She was covering her mouth all the time and at one point she was glad that she had to wear a mask to avoid showing her smile!



After making the investment into her smile, Malinda has been the happiest she has ever been. She gets complimented about her smile everywhere she goes!  She can now go out without having to feel the need to wear a mask to cover her smile. Even her relationship with her husband has improved drastically! 


Sidney avoided going to the dentist for a very long time. This dramatically affected his lifestyle. He could not eat what he wanted and struggled to even bite an apple! After having his full arch dental implant procedure, he can now eat whatever he wishes.

A moment that he thanks Dr. Charles for is when he was smiling and his niece noticed that this was the first time that she had seen him smile and that he has dimples! 

His advice to many people that are in his previous position is to schedule a consultation and see how Dr. Charles and his team can help you.


After years of not being able to smile, eat or go out, Sil’Juana finally gets another chance in life! 

She can now socialize and go out with her friends and family. Prior to her smile transformation, she struggled to talk to anyone or smile back, even to her own family and grandkids. 

Julie: Post-Surgery Smile Reveal Part 1

Julie: Follow Up Appointments Part 2

New Smile Transformations! (Click On Photo)

Life Changing Transformations!







More Transformations!





S Bryan


Even More Transformations!







Meet Your Doctor

Initially studied Dentistry in his native country of Haiti, acquiring his doctorate in 1999. 


The new millennium brought him to the United States where he continued his studies acquiring advanced dental training at the New York University College of Dentistry (NYU), The State University of New York, at Buffalo (UB), and the University of Rochester Eastman Institute for Oral Health. 


Dr. Charles professional work uses various aspects of oral surgery and implant dentistry to rehabilitate his patients to a full functional and aesthetically pleasing smile. 


As an expert in his field, he helps train and educate doctors to become more proficient in their approach of patient care delivery. Dr. Charles area of expertise is focused in the following dental implant treatment: